sabato 23 luglio 2016

TCEC9 partecipation

Vajolet experience at TCEC 9 tournament ended at stage 2, I'm quite happy about Vajolet perfomance for this first partecipation.

It was the first time Vajolet run on a 20 core 16GB ram system, it was able to compete against stronger Engines and it never crashed. This was my biggest fear.

Vajolet was able to draw some game against some very strong engine and to partecipate to stage 2 of the tournament.
In stage 2, after a good start, it finished the tournament in the last position.

I'd like to thank the chessdom boys for the invitation.

let's go back to developing next version of Vajolet

sabato 28 maggio 2016

Vajolet participating to the TCEC tournament

Vajolet has been invited to partecipate to the TCE tournament season 9 and it's now playing in stage 1b.
His first game was against Stockfish and Vajolet achieved a good draw, t's now waiting to play against Critter.

The versione participating to the stage 1b can be downloaded from Vajolet chess site.

Thank to the chessdom boys to give me this opportunity.